artistic Florentine ceramic plates, Florence

At Florence’s Florentia store you will be able to find a wide selection of plates and centrepieces in artistic Florentine of Montelupo and Deruta ceramics created and painted by hand that are ideal for personalizing with taste and style your home and perfect as a precious gift for those who love typical handmade Italian creations.

You will be able to choose from plates, centrepieces and jars in various shapes and sizes with decorations such as Tuscan landscapes, fruit, sunflowers, Florence’s red lily, the Medici coat of arms and the typical iconography of Deruta majolica such as geometric and Raphaelesque, also called “grotesque”, images that represent imaginary figures, often women with the body of animals that are used to decorate the brim of plates.

All our products can be personalized according to your tastes on request. In fact, we offer plates and centrepieces in artistic Florentine ceramics and in Deruta ceramics with size, shapes and colours of your choice. 

“What is art? That object whose forms become style”

(André Malraux)



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